Rahul Shaw

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The accumulation of reducing sugars in potato tubers exposed to low temperatures occurs with concomitant formation of the enzyme invertase. During the initial period of cold treatment when reducing sugars increase rapidly, invertase formation proceeds until the level of enzyme exceeds that of an endogenous macromolecular invertase inhibitor, resulting in a(More)
We describe the construction and analysis of a genome-scale metabolic model representing a developing leaf cell of rice (Oryza sativa) primarily derived from the annotations in the RiceCyc database. We used flux balance analysis to determine that the model represents a network capable of producing biomass precursors (amino acids, nucleotides, lipid, starch,(More)
Callus was initiated from explants of tubers of the Norchip cultivar of Solanum tuberosum L. and grown on medium with a single carbon source and without addition of coconut milk, protein hydrolysate, or amino acid. Callus samples were harvested at intervals and compared to mature tubers for which there was good biochemical knowledge.The amino acid spectrum,(More)
Due to socio-economic reasons, it is essential to design efficient stress-tolerant, more nutritious, high yielding rice varieties. A systematic understanding of the rice cellular metabolism is essential for this purpose. Here, we analyse a genome-scale metabolic model of rice leaf using Flux Balance Analysis to investigate whether it has potential metabolic(More)
More than 20% of the total caloric intake of human population comes from rice. The expression of rice genes and hence, the concentration of enzymatic proteins might vary due to several biotic and abiotic stresses. It in turn, can influence the overall metabolism and survivability of rice plant. Thus, understanding the rice cellular metabolism, its(More)
Previously we have used a genome scale model of rice metabolism to describe how metabolism reconfigures at different light intensities in an expanding leaf of rice. Although this established that the metabolism of the leaf was adequately represented, in the model, the scenario was not that of the typical function of the leaf-to provide material for the rest(More)
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