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For autonomous flight in adverse environment, real time obstacle information is very important. There are many sensors like LiDAR, SAR which gives pretty accurate obstacle data. However, using such devices onboard is quite expensive in terms of power and operation cost. This paper introduces a technique to find the size and distance of obstacle using stereo(More)
The growing use of UAVs in surveillance and tracking of objects requires faster image processing algorithms. In this paper a tracking algorithm with auto and dynamic generation of ROI based on relative velocity of object with respect to U AV is proposed. The size of the ROI is modified based upon the randomness in appearance of the object in each frame in(More)
1. ABSTRACT For large area surveillance, a number of UAVs are preferred. In such situation, navigation becomes a prime factor, which reduces the chance of collision. UAVs primarily depend on GPS, which has an order of inaccuracy. Conventional correction methods like differential GPS needs extra hardware and cannot improve stochastic errors like multipath(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm for pitch modification. The linear prediction residual is obtained from pitch synchronous frames by inverse filtering the speech signal. Then Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) is applied on these pitch synchronous frames. Based on the desired factor of pitch modification, the dimension of the DCT vector is changed(More)
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