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T HERE is a cartoon by Herbert Block, the legendary cartoonist of The Washington Post, which features two worried-looking officials seated at a desk. Holding up a file, one official says to the other: " Well, we certainly botched this job. What'll we stamp it—secret or top secret? " 1 If Block's cartoon summarizes the concern that state secrecy can be used(More)
The question of how best to balance the pursuit of security with the protection of civil liberties has been heavily debated in recent years. This paper challenges the conclusions reached in that debate. It argues that although theorists have identified important subsidiary causes of imbalance, they do not address the structural dilemma posed by state(More)
Leishmania protozoans are the causative agents of leishmaniasis, a major parasitic disease in humans. The parasites manifest a nutritional requirement for heme compounds since they are deficient in heme biosynthesis. In this study we have demonstrated for the first time the presence of the enzyme L-alanine: 4,5-dioxovalerate transaminase in Leishmania(More)
As its economic power, military strength and cultural influence expands, India draws ever closer to becoming a leading player in world politics. 1 Yet relatively little is known about what Indians take to be the nature of international politics, and correspondingly, how their power and influence should be used. The answer to this question is being shaped by(More)
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