Rahul Razdan

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This paper explores a novel way to incorporate hardware-programmable resources into a processor microarchitecture to improve the performance of general-purpose applications. Through a coupling of compile-time analysis routines and hardware synthesis tools, we automatically configure a given set of the hardware-programmable functional units (PFUs) and thus(More)
Parametric process variations, which are inherent in the manufacture of complex digital circuits, can cause variations in the timing characteristics of a digital device. These device timing variations can cause catastrophic failures to the intended logical operation of the whole design. Min-Max Timing Simulation is a simulation technique which is well(More)
A crisis is a terrible thing to waste". Quotes like this are often heard by experts in the industry and academia but what does this mean to me? How should I change my professional interests? How should I evolve my career? How is EDA going to evolve? The panel represents multiple points of views on these questions. Four experts will review the current job(More)