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This paper explores a novel way to incorporate hardware-programmable resources into a processor microarchitecture to improve the performance of general-purpose applications. Through a coupling of compile-time analysis routines and hardware synthesis tools, we automatically configure a given set of the hardware-programmable functional units (PFUs) and thus(More)
Parametric process variations, which are inherent in the manufacture of complex digital circuits, can cause variations in the timing characteristics of a digital device. These device timing variations can cause catastrophic failures to the intended logical operation of the whole design. Min-Max Timing Simulation is a simulation technique which is well(More)
In this paper, a general methodology for design rule development and the CAD tool which implements this methodology, Statistical Design Rule Developer (STRUDEL), are presented. The focus of the proposed approach is the concept of a statistical design rule, which is defined as a geometric design rule with an associated probability of failure. Global lateral(More)
Substance abuse is an important health problem throughout the world including India, but prevalence and pattern of abuse varies from country to country and in different types of population. Slums have their own social and economic problems so that substance abuse may be different in this population and might be related with these problems. The aim of the(More)
A crisis is a terrible thing to waste". Quotes like this are often heard by experts in the industry and academia but what does this mean to me? How should I change my professional interests? How should I evolve my career? How is EDA going to evolve? The panel represents multiple points of views on these questions. Four experts will review the current job(More)