Rahul Prasanna Kumar

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BACKGROUND It is quite important to understand how the central metabolism is regulated under nitrogen (N)- limitation as well as carbon (C)- limitation. In particular, the effect of C/N ratio on the metabolism is of practical interest for the heterologous protein production, PHB production, etc. Although the carbon and nitrogen metabolisms are(More)
BACKGROUND It is important to understand the cellular responses emanating from environmental perturbations to redesign the networks for practical applications. In particular, the carbon (C) metabolism, nitrogen (N) assimilation, and energy generation are by far important, where those are interconnected and integrated to maintain cellular integrity. In our(More)
The segmentation of tubular tree structures like vessel systems in volumetric datasets is of vital interest for many medical applications. In this paper we present a novel, semi-automatic method for blood vessel segmentation and centerline extraction, by tracking the blood vessel tree from a user-initiated seed point to the ends of the blood vessel tree.(More)
Liver blood vessel movement information is important for improving the accuracy of minimally invasive therapies such as high intensity focused ultrasound and radio frequency ablation. In this paper, we present a rigid registration of centerlines obtained from multiscale vessel enhanced liver images to understand the movement of liver during breathing cycle.(More)
Gold nanoparticles were deposited on carbon nanotubes to provide access to a nanohybrid structure which was involved in the aerobic oxidation of alcohols. The nanohybrid-catalyzed reaction was shown to be highly efficient under mild conditions (i.e. room temperature, air) and selective oxidation of alcohols to the corresponding acids or aldehydes could be(More)
The present study deals with the assessment of antimicrobial activity (antibacterial, antifungal and antiyeast) of bio-oil from Pongamia glabra, Mesua ferrea and Parachlorella spp deoiled cake. The bio-oil from the respective deoiled cakes were obtained via the process of pyrolysis (ambient to 500°C at a heating rate of 40°C/min) in a vertical tubular fixed(More)
Total synthesis of all three pyrazole-based withasomnine alkaloids and selected examples of their non-natural analogs has been achieved from readily available aldehydes and 4-nitro-1-butanol in three steps. Since 4-nitro-1-butanol in turn is prepared in two steps via Michael addition of nitromethane to acrylate followed by borane reduction of the ester(More)
Efforts were made to utilize the waste/by-product of two agro-process industries namely pressmud from sugar processing industries and spent yeast from distilleries manufacturing ethanol from cane molasses, for the production of microbial invertase. Our experimentation indicated that these two sources could be ideally utilized for the production of invertase(More)
Lipases (triacylglycerol acylhydrolases, E.C. catalyze the hydrolysis of triglycerides to glycerol and free fatty acids at an oil water interface (Kamini et al. 2000). Lipases can also transesterify triacylglycerols or synthesize ester bonds in non-aqueous media (Macrae and Hammond 1985; Bornscheuer1995). The many applications of lipases include(More)