Rahul Parsa

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for comments on earlier versions of this manuscript. Any remaining errors are our responsibility. Abstract Confusion surrounding the reporting and interpretation of results of classical statistical tests is widespread among applied researchers. The confusion stems from the fact that most of these researchers are unaware of the historical development of(More)
AbSTRACT Regression analysis is one of the most commonly used statistical methods. But in its basic form, ordinary least squares (OLS) is not suitable for actuarial applications because the relationships are often nonlinear and the probability distribution of the dependent variable may be non-normal. One approach that has been successful in overcoming these(More)
Privacy has become an important issue in the progress of data mining techniques. Many laws are being enacted in various countries to protect the privacy of data. This privacy concern has been addressed by developing data mining techniques under a framework called privacy preserving data mining. Presently there are two main approaches popularly used-data(More)
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