Rahul Nallamothu

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In this paper, we propose a learning based technique for imagedeblurring using artificial neural networks. We model the original image as Markov Random field and the blurred image as degraded version of the original MRF. We do not make any prior assumptions for the blur kernel and develop the proposed algorithm by taking into account the space varying(More)
Interest points in videos are spatio-temporal points within a video that can be used to build complex video processing systems such as action recognition and video retrieval systems. In this paper, we propose a method to localize spatial interest points in a video in the temporal domain, and discuss the results obtained with our experiments in comparison to(More)
In the area of natural language processing, there has been much success in learning distributed representations for words as vectors. Doing so has an advantage over using simple labels, or a one-hot coding scheme for representing individual words. In learning distributed vector representations for words, we manage to capture semantic relatedness of words in(More)
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