Rahul Mohan Singh

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MicroRNAs have been implicated for the regulation of gene expression. These miRNA are a class of single stranded non coding RNAs, formed from endogenous transcripts and measure typically about 19-25 nucleotides in length. They are important regulators of the various biological and metabolic functions taking place in humans. Many miRNAs show tissue specific(More)
Apple is the major commercial horticulture crop in Himachal Pradesh and other hill states of Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand and some parts of Northeastern states of India. In order to gather data on health status and incidence of virus and virus-like pathogens in apple orchards, survey was conducted in the month of June and September, 2010 in Hatkoti, Rohru,(More)
A blockade of CD44 can interfere with haematopoietic and leukemic stem cell homing, the latter being considered as a therapeutic option in haematological malignancies. We here aimed to explore the molecular mechanism underlying the therapeutic efficacy of anti-CD44. We noted that in irradiated mice reconstituted with a bone marrow cell transplant, anti-CD44(More)
The recalcitrance of woody biomass, particularly its lignin component, hinders its sustainable transformation to fuels and biomaterials. Although the recent discovery of several bacterial ligninases promises the development of novel biocatalysts, these enzymes have largely been characterized using model substrates: direct evidence for their action on(More)
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