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PURPOSE To establish a normal baseline of the percent magnetization transfer of gray (cortical and deep) and white matter structures in the brain in healthy adults and to determine whether there are adult age-related differences in these measurements. METHODS Axial T1-weighted scans (800/20 [repetition time/echo time]) with and without magnetization(More)
PURPOSE To define the percentage of magnetization transfer of multiple sclerosis (MS) plaques, ischemic white matter lesions, and vasogenic edema to determine whether this measurement can help differentiate these entities. METHODS Findings were compared in 25 patients with proved MS, 20 patients with white matter ischemic lesions, and 72 patients with(More)
We treated 21 multiple sclerosis patients with two to four doses of cM-T412, a chimeric monoclonal antibody against the CD4 antigen found on helper/inducer T lymphocytes. The mean number (+/- standard error) of circulating CD4 lymphocytes decreased from 888 (+/- 81) cells/mm3 at baseline to 246 (+/- 18) after treatment. At 1 year after the last treatment,(More)
We conducted an open trial of cM-T412, a chimeric monoclonal anti-CD4 antibody, in 29 patients with MS. This antibody caused a prompt and long-lasting depletion of circulating CD4 (helper/inducer) lymphocytes. The mean (+/- SE) CD4 count for the group decreased from 870 (+/- 66) cells/mm3 at baseline to 76 (+/- 11) 3 hours after treatment, and then(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether magnetization transfer imaging can improve visibility of contrast enhancement of multiple sclerosis plaques. METHODS Fifty-nine enhancing and 63 nonenhancing lesions in 10 patients with multiple sclerosis were evaluated to calculate contrast-to-noise ratios on conventional T1-weighted and T1-weighted magnetization transfer(More)
We present the clinical, anatomic, and MR imaging findings in six patients with seven primary trochlear nerve neoplasms, as well as the MR and clinical criteria that serve to establish the diagnosis of these rare cranial nerve neoplasms. Three patients had a history of neurofibromatosis and five patients had clinical evidence of a trochlear nerve palsy. Six(More)
PURPOSE To compare the detectability of vertebral metastatic disease on T1-weighted, short-inversion-time inversion recovery (STIR), fast spin-echo (FSE), fat-saturated FSE, and inversion recovery FSE (IRFSE) MR sequences using percent contrast and contrast-to-noise ratios. METHODS Patients with proved metastatic disease underwent imaging on a 1.5-T MR(More)
The electric power system supports the operation of developments & economic growth of the country. The transition of power system towards deregulation & profit driven operation will led to a decrease of reverse & reliability of entire power network. It is necessary to design reliable & autonomous reconfigurable electric power system to secure against(More)
A novel treatment serum formulated to target multiple pathways in the anti-ageing cascade was tested both in vitro and in clinical settings. In vitro testing was performed to assess the ability to stimulate key proteins and genes fundamental to the anti-ageing cascade. The antioxidant potential of the formulation was studied in a UV-irradiation clinical(More)