Rahul Kundu

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A technique to derive test vectors that exercise the worst-case delay effects in a domino circuit in the presence of crosstalk is described. A model for characterizing the delay of a domino gate in the presence of crosstalk is developed and exploited by a new efficient timing analysis algorithm. The algorithm uses a single, breadth-first traversal to(More)
Papers Brain tumor inhibition in ex perimental model by restorati ve immunotherapy with a 789 797 corpu sc ul ar antigen 805 Inhi bit ion of membrane Na+-K+ A TPase of th e bra in. li ve r and RB C in rats ad mini stered di(2-eth y l hexy l) phthalate (D EHP) a plasti cize r used in pol yv in y l chl oride (PVC) blood storage bags 8 14 Effects of hypoth(More)
In peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.), the customization of fatty acid profile is an evolving area to fulfill the nutritional needs in the modern market. A total of 174 peanut genotypes, including 167 Indian cultivars, 6 advanced breeding lines and "SunOleic95R"-a double mutant line, were investigated using AS-PCRs, CAPS and gene sequencing for the ahFAD2 allele(More)
The Mobile Ad-hoc Networks are wireless networks that have no fixed infrastructure. There are no fixed routers-instead each node acts as router and forwards traffic from other nodes. Since the nodes in a MANET are highly mobile, the topology changes frequently and the nodes are dynamically connected in an arbitrary manner. This work focuses on reliable data(More)