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The present communication reports the dose and exposure dependent effects of a dioxin on few ion dependent membrane bound ATPases of mice kidney. Effects of TCDD on the specific activity of few membrane bound ATPases viz., Total ATPase, Na K ATPase, Ca ATPase, Mg ATPase, Ca++, HCO3 ATPase, Mg, HCO3 ATPase were observed. Two basic hypotheses were tested(More)
The present communication reports the dose and duration dependent toxicity of a PCB, Aroclor 1254, to a few ion dependent ATPases, Acid phosphatase, Alkaline phosphatase and Glucose-6-phosphatase in the whole brain tissue of mice. Two groups of mice were subjected to two sublethal doses (0.1 and 1 mg kgbw(-1) day(-1)) of PCB orally and exposed for 4, 8 or12(More)
Aroclor 1254, a polychlorinated biphenyl, is present in the environment in low concentration but references on its toxic effects on liver cell membrane proteins and the mechanism of actions are not abundantly available. Therefore, the present study was undertaken to investigate the low level, sub-acute dose and exposure duration dependent effects of Aroclor(More)
2,3,7,8 TCDD, a toxic dioxin, has a high rate of biomagnification by accumulating in adipose tissue of living organism. The present study reports that the in vivo exposure of even environmentally available low concentration of TCDD affects the lysosomal enzymes in mice brain cells. The study tested the hypothesis that low concentration of TCDD provokes dose(More)
TCDD, a highly toxic lipophilic Dioxin, causes many health problems in animals including human when exposed through dietary intake of fat. Present communication reports in vivo dose and exposure duration dependent cellular toxicity of environmentally available concentration of TCDD to few lysosomal enzymes in mice kidney. The study tests two hypotheses (a)(More)
The present study reports the phylogenetic relationship of six zoanthid species belonging to three genera, Isaurus, Palythoa, and Zoanthus identified using systematic computational analysis of mtDNA gene sequences. All six species are first recorded from the coasts of Kathiawar Peninsula, India. Genus: Isaurus is represented by Isaurus tuberculatus, genus(More)