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BACKGROUND Medulloblastoma has recently been found to consist of 4 molecularly and clinically distinct subgroups: WNT, Sonce hedgehog (SHH), Group 3, and Group 4. Deregulated microRNA expression is known to contribute to pathogenesis and has been shown to have diagnostic and prognostic potential in the classification of various cancers. METHODS Molecular(More)
BACKGROUND Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers seen in developing countries, especially in India. Recent years have seen many new developments in various modalities used in the management of cervical cancer. Although it is important to remain abreast with these advancements, the availability of resources and challenges in practices across the(More)
Seminoma is one of the most radio and chemo sensitive tumors. Aggressive variant of primary mediastinal seminoma (PMS) are rarely described in the literature. We here discuss an interesting case of young male (22 years) presenting with superior vena cava syndrome due to PMS that showed poor response to conventional platinum based chemotherapy and(More)
Recurrent extensive ocular surface squamous neoplasia (OSSN) with orbital invasion can be successfully managed with external radiotherapy using electrons resulting in eye and vision salvage. We report a case of right eye recurrent OSSN in an immunocompetent adult Indian male, with extensive orbital involvement. The patient had two previous surgical(More)
Paediatric brain tumours arising in the thalamus present significant diagnostic and therapeutic challenges to physicians due to their sensitive midline location. As such, genetic analysis for biomarkers to aid in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of these tumours is needed. Here, we identified 64 thalamic gliomas with clinical follow-up and(More)
The germ cell lines and kidney develop in close proximity in a similar embronic period. The extragonadal germ cell tumors and horseshoe kidney both are the result of abnormal migration of two germ line cells. Apart from origin, the combined incidence of mediastinal germ cell tumor with renal anomaly is a therapeutic challenge. This case review is an effort(More)
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