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The drive for higher performance and energy efficiency in data-centers has influenced trends toward increased power and cooling requirements in the facilities. Since enterprise servers rarely operate at their peak capacity, efficient power capping is deemed as a critical component of modern enterprise computing environments. In this paper we propose a new(More)
In this paper we propose a reduced-complexity genetic algorithm for optimization of multi-hop sensor networks. The goal of the system is to generate optimal number of sensor-clusters with cluster-heads. It results in minimization of the power-consumption of the sensor-system while maximizing the sensor objectives (coverage and exposure). The genetic(More)
Fifty two cases of tuberculosis of the breast encountered over a 15 year period and accounting for 3% of all breast lesions are reported. The classic presentation was a breast lump with associated sinus in 39%, isolated breast lump in 23%, sinus without lump in 12%, and tender nodularity in 23% of the patients. Associated axillary lymphadenopathy was found(More)
The cloning vector pRL60 was developed previously as a tool for genetic manipulations in Amycolatopsis mediterranei, which produces the commercially and medicinally important antibiotic rifamycin. Here, a method based on intraplasmid recombinations is described for the construction of smaller plasmids in A. mediterranei, which also helped in delimiting the(More)
The impact of caring for a child with autism on caregivers' health-related quality of life (HRQOL) is not fully understood. The objective of this study was to compare the HRQOL scores of caregivers of children with autism to those of the general US population and to identify the factors that influence HRQOL. Caregivers of children with autism had lower(More)
A versatile plasmid cloning vector pRL60 carrying kanamycin/neomycin resistance (km/neo), erythromycin resistance (ermE) and alpha-amylase (alpha-amy) marker genes that replicates in various Amycolatopsis mediterranei strains and Escherichia coli has been constructed. This cloning vector has been derived from a hybrid plasmid pRL50, which was developed by(More)
AIM To evaluate the role of ultrasonography for differentiating cervical lymphadenopathy due to tuberculosis, metastasis and lymphoma. METHODS Ultrasonography of the neck nodes was carried out prior to FNAC in 192 patients using a 10 mHz linear transducer. The sonographic findings were then correlated with the definitive tissue diagnosis obtained by FNAC(More)
BACKGROUND Desmoids are infiltrative, locally destructive, soft tissue tumors. Although they do not metastasize, the incidence of local recurrence is quite high. AIM Present study aimed at reporting the 10-year experience of 32 desmoid cases and reviewing some facts with symptoms, investigation, and treatment of the disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty(More)