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The drive for higher performance and energy efficiency in data-centers has influenced trends toward increased power and cooling requirements in the facilities. Since enterprise servers rarely operate at their peak capacity, efficient power capping is deemed as a critical component of modern enterprise computing environments. In this paper we propose a new(More)
The cloning vector pRL60 was developed previously as a tool for genetic manipulations in Amycolatopsis mediterranei, which produces the commercially and medicinally important antibiotic rifamycin. Here, a method based on intraplasmid recombinations is described for the construction of smaller plasmids in A. mediterranei, which also helped in delimiting the(More)
Intraperitoneal fluid is absorbed continuously by convective flow into the peritoneal cavity lymphatics. We evaluated the role of lymphatic absorption in the kinetics of peritoneal dialysis during standardized four hour exchanges in six children using 40 ml/kg of 2.5% dextrose dialysis solution. Cumulative lymphatic absorption averaged 10.4 +/- 1.6 ml/kg(More)
Fifty two cases of tuberculosis of the breast encountered over a 15 year period and accounting for 3% of all breast lesions are reported. The classic presentation was a breast lump with associated sinus in 39%, isolated breast lump in 23%, sinus without lump in 12%, and tender nodularity in 23% of the patients. Associated axillary lymphadenopathy was found(More)
A versatile plasmid cloning vector pRL60 carrying kanamycin/neomycin resistance (km/neo), erythromycin resistance (ermE) and alpha-amylase (alpha-amy) marker genes that replicates in various Amycolatopsis mediterranei strains and Escherichia coli has been constructed. This cloning vector has been derived from a hybrid plasmid pRL50, which was developed by(More)
The life course of affective episodes was determined for 95 consecutively admitted patients from eastern India fulfilling RDC criteria for definite mania during the current episode, using SADS-L interviews. There was a significantly greater frequency of manic compared to depressive relapses. Presentation as recurrent mania was very common. The total numbers(More)
Twenty diabetics with end-stage renal disease who had never previously received dialysis treatment were treated with continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis for periods of two to 36 months (average, 14.5). Intraperitoneal administration of insulin achieved good control of blood sugar. Even though creatinine clearance decreased significantly (P = 0.001),(More)
The purpose of this paper is to explore the validity of applying urea kinetic indices to CAPD. According to the peak concentration hypothesis, the values of Kt/V required for adequate dialysis are lower for CAPD than for hemodialysis because of the continuous steady state nature of CAPD. Pilot clinical studies were undertaken in 19 patients to correlate the(More)
OBJECTIVE To perform a cross sectional analysis in 71 patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) to identify significant correlations of weekly small solute clearances and indices of nutritional status with each other and with patient demographics and other commonly monitored clinical and laboratory parameters. DESIGN This was a(More)