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Document representation is one of the most fundamental issues in information retrieval application. In this aspect, to rank a document term weighting system has crucial importance. The graph-based ranking algorithms represent documents as a graph. The weight of a vertex in the graph is calculated based on the global information of that vertex. The(More)
Teleportation is a new and exciting field of future communication. Security in data communication is a major headache now a day. Among the encryption technologies that are available at present, shared key is the most reliable which depends on secure key generation and distribution. Teleportation/ Entanglement is a perfect solution in this regard as for the(More)
We propose a multiuser quantum key distribution system based on entanglement property which is simple, more efficient, cost effective and easy to implement in laboratory environment. Existing protocols uses base communication to provide security, as 50% of the time sender and receiver's base is not agreed there are 50% bit loss during key distribution but(More)
—Facial expressions are an integral part of human cognition and communication, and can be applied in various real life applications. A vital precursor to accurate expression recognition is feature extraction. In this paper, we propose SenTion: A framework for sensing facial expressions. We propose a novel person independent and scale invariant method of(More)
In this paper, we propose an effective platform for evaluation of Bengali text compression schemes. We perform a methodical study on the formulation-approaches of text corpus for data compression and present an effective corpus named Ekushe-Khul for evaluating the Bengali text compression schemes, which is the first initiative in the context of Bengali text(More)
The term entanglement is used in quantum theory to describe the way that particles of energy/matter can become correlated and predictably interact with each other regardless of how far apart they are. In future quantum entanglement will dominate the way we look at information, the way we communicate secretly and the way our computers do their things. Much(More)
Recent years have encountered massive growth in malwares which poses a severe threat to modern computers and internet security. Existing malware detection systems are confronting with unknown malware variants. Recently developed malware detection systems investigated that the diverse forms of malware exhibit similar patterns in their structure with minor(More)
This paper introduces {it EyamKayo}, a first-of-its-kind interactive CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart), using eye gaze and facial expression based human interactions, to better distinguish humans from software robots. Our system generates a sequence of instructions, asking the user to follow a controlled(More)
Resource management is a very important feature in the grid computing environment. The matchmaking framework [1] provides a reasonable solution to resource management in distributed environment; it is composed of four important components as classified advertisement (classad), matchmaker protocol, matchmaking algorithm and claiming protocols [2]. In this(More)