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Contextual Factors, Strategy, and Marketing Mix Decisions of Firms
This is a study of Indian firms pertaining to the strategy they adopt and implement in the market place. This is also about the factors that are most important in this market. The objectives of thisExpand
Influence of Marketing Mix Decisions on Emotional Branding and Its Effect on Customer Appeal
Emotional branding has become a necessity for most brands today. Brand loyalty can be developed by brands only when there is an emotional connection between the brand and its consumers. This chapterExpand
Relationship between contextual factors , business performance , and strategy : a study of manufacturing and service industries in India
The objective of this research study is to find out if performance of firms varies with their contextual factors, and whether strategies pursued by firms also differ according to their contextualExpand
Relationship between Personality Traits, Academic Achievement and Salary: An Empirical Study in a Reputed B-School in Bangalore, India
Most of the B-Schools in India are facing problems in placing their students. Recruiters claim that the reason for this is the absence of required skill-sets in the students. The challenge is inExpand
Human Nature: Justice, Efficiency and Culture
Contrary to expectations of free market theory, people often do not behave as economic agents attempting to maximize their self-interests. It is being argued that choices are very often influenced byExpand
An anthropological view of consumer behaviour
Marketing, especially consumer behavior, has learnt a lot from social sciences, over the years. The study of anthropology has contributed immensely to the evolution of marketing, and understandingExpand
The goal of the study is to find the ‘market potential’ for Coke slim cans in South Indian market especially urban market. So a research was conducted to get the response from consumers as well asExpand
An overview of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Implications in geo-strategy and geo-politics
China is a very interesting country, and the entire world is looking at it. This is not only because of its spectacular rise in the world stage and the fact that it has become one of the largestExpand