Rahul Guha

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In March 2010 Congress established an abbreviated Food and Drug Administration approval pathway for biosimilars-drugs that are very similar but not identical to a reference biological product and cost less. Because bringing biosimilars to the market currently requires large investments of money, fewer biosimilars are expected to enter the biologics market(More)
— As we can discuss about your Personal Computer then it would provide a comfortable and natural form of communication. This will reduce the typing amount, and it would be effortless, and allow you to move away from the terminal or screen. You will not have to be in the line of sight of the terminal. It will help you in many cases to tell you that who was(More)
This article examines how the nature of competition between brands in a therapeutic category changes after generic entry and provides a framework for analyzing the effect of generic entry on consumer welfare that takes into account the generic free riding problem. It demonstrates that changes in competition along dimensions other than retail price – such as(More)
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