Rahul Gaybarao Naik

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Fluoride is required for normal development and growth of the body. It is found in plentiful quantity in environment and fluoride content in drinking water is largest contributor to the daily fluoride intake. The behaviour of fluoride ions in the human organism can be regarded as that of "double-edged sword". Fluoride is beneficial in small amounts but(More)
INTRODUCTION Fluoride has an influence on both oral as well as systemic health. The major source of fluoride to body is through drinking water as well as through diet. Staple diet mainly depends on local environmental factors, food grains grown locally, its availability etc. Determination of fluoride level in these food grains is important. So, estimation(More)
OBJECTIVES Glass ionomer cements (GICs), which are biocompatible and adhesive to the tooth surface, are widely used nowadays for tooth restoration. They inhibit the demineralization and promote the remineralization of the tooth structure adjacent to the restoration, as well as interfere with bacterial growth. Hence, the present study was conducted to assess(More)
INTRODUCTION Due to inherent limitations of Chlorhexidine (CHX), search for an effective and potentially safe anti-plaque agent has led to emergence of alternative products. AIM The present study evaluated the comparative efficacy of probiotic, herbal and CHX mouthwashes on gingival health of healthy individuals. MATERIALS AND METHODS The present study(More)
Objective. This paper aims to assess the effectiveness of reinforcement of oral health education message through short messaging service (SMS) in mobile phones. Material and Methods. 400 subjects from two colleges (200 from each college) belonging to 18-20 years age group possessing mobile phones were randomly selected and baseline examination of oral(More)
BACKGROUND Chlorhexidine gluconate mouthwash has earned an eponym of the gold standard against oral infections, but with certain limitations. There is no effective alternative to Chlorhexidine. Cranberry is known to inhibit bacterial adhesion in various systemic infections and acts as a strong antioxidant. However, it is less explored for its dental use.(More)
INTRODUCTION Very few researches in the past have tried to evaluate the effect of herbal toothpaste on saliva and salivary constituents like alkaline phosphatase and acid phosphatase which play an important role in maintaining oral health. AIM To evaluate and compare the effect of three different herbal toothpastes on Salivary Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP)(More)
Due to dearth of literature on the effect of herbal toothpaste on saliva and salivary constituents, the present study was undertaken to evaluate and compare the effect of three different herbal toothpastes with the focus on on salivary pH and salivary glucose. Forty five subjects in the age group of 19-21 years were randomly divided into 3 groups (15 in(More)
Truthfulness and honesty are absolute essentials of research. But to sustain in the not-so-pleasant "publish-or-perish" environment and "cut-throat" competition to increase the credibility associated with one's name, many individual researchers as well as research groups are turning towards research misconduct and this plague is gradually reaching epidemic(More)
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