Rahul Chougule

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PURPOSE The purpose of this 3-staged, in vivo, crossover study was to comparatively evaluate the accuracy of radiograph-based and apex locator-based measurements of working length in primary molars with physiological root resorption. METHODS Endodontic access cavity preparations were performed on 13 primary molars in 10 cooperative pediatric dental(More)
This paper proposes a novel method for using the service (field failure) data of consumer vehicles to estimate customer perception. To achieve this, relevant variables are extracted from the vehicle service data and provided as input to the proposed algorithm which then comes up with an optimized mathematical model for predicting the Customer Satisfaction(More)
We propose a novel association and text mining system for knowledge discovery (ASTEK) from the warranty and service data in the automotive domain. The complex architecture of modern vehicles makes fault diagnosis and isolation a non-trivial task. The association mining isolates anomaly cases from the millions of service and claims records. ASTEK has shown(More)
In the body shop of an automobile assembly plant, having access to correct and timely diagnostic information is very important for solving equipment and tooling maintenance problems. Variation Reduction Adviser (VRA) is an internal General Motors (GM) system that contains information related to the problems encountered in process, their root cause and(More)
In this paper, we develop a method for the quantitative modeling of a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) function for consumer vehicles. The mathematical model is evolved using an evolutionary computation technique such that the satisfied and dissatisfied customers are equally distributed on either side of the mean satisfaction level. Instead of relying on a(More)
The term "neonatal teeth" is applied to those teeth which erupt within the first 30 days of life. Case of a fifteen day old infant is presented here with a neonatal tooth that led to serious complications. An attempt has been made to highlight that these predeciduous teeth can sometimes lead to dangerous consequences about which the general dentist must be(More)