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Augmenting human computer interaction with automated analysis and synthesis of facial expressions is a goal towards which much research effort has been devoted recently. Facial gesture recognition is one of the important component of natural human-machine interfaces; it may also be used in behavioural science , security systems and in clinical practice.(More)
Phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) enzyme plays a vital role in the insulin signaling pathway as well as in other pathways that are involved in the growth, migration, and survival of cells. In the insulin signaling pathway, PI3K proteins that include p50α, p85α, p85β, p55γ, p110α, p110β, and p110γ are associated with the critical node-2. This study has used(More)
Facial expressions deliver rich information about human emotion and play an essential role in human communications. This paper presents a design and evaluation of a novel computational model that categorizes facial expressions in real time video for the reason of automating human computer interfaces. It highlights the main system components, methodology for(More)
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