Rahul Bhardwaj

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Some scholars feel that Big Data techniques render anonymization (also known as de-identification) useless as a privacy protection technique. This paper discusses our experiences and issues encountered when we successfully combined anonymization, privacy protection, and Big Data techniques to analyze usage data while protecting the identities of users. Our(More)
Blog provides a simple way for people to share personal experiences and ideas, and has already become an important tool for people to communicate with each other. Due to the vast amount of information on a particular blog, it is often time consuming for reviewing and finding the blog-article to suit the reader’s mind. This paper proposes a personalised blog(More)
Shot-peening process modeling has been a challenging task because of the complexity of the process. It is extremely time consuming to model individual shots in FE model in presence of contact and subsequently keep track of such shots. Discrete element method has evolved over the years and now commercially available software can be used to model individual(More)
Pedestrian being involved in road traffic accidents (RTA) is about 22% of all road traffic related deaths. In this study, we have estimated the pedestrian's response towards an approaching vehicle and the time taken to correctly recognize it while they crossed the road in dim-light nighttime conditions. This is also extendable to cycles and other low(More)
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