Rahul B. Baile

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To analyze the treatment outcomes (safety and efficacy) of manual superficial keratectomy, phototherapeutic keratectomy (PTK), and intraoperative application of mitomycin C (MMC) for Salzmann nodular degeneration (SND). In this retrospective study, we analyzed the records of eight eyes of five patients with Salzmann nodular degeneration (SND) who were(More)
AIM To determine whether anterior capsule polishing during cataract surgery done by phacoemulsification has any effect on the rate of posterior capsule opacification. MATERIALS AND METHODS We conducted a 3 year retrospective analytical study at our hospital. The medical records of patients who underwent cataract extraction by phacoemulsification with(More)
A 22 years old male presented to us with a history of lid swelling and chemosis of conjunctiva since 2 days. The patient had a history of convulsions 4 days back and 2 months back. The patient had undergone a CT scan which showed granulomas in temporal and parietal lobes. The patient was started on Anti tuberculosis treatment by the Physician. The Patient(More)
We present three cases of unusual corneal/conjunctival foreign bodies that were not visible on standard slit lamp examination. All patients presented with complaints of foreign body sensation in the affected eyes. One patient had visited an ophthalmologist prior to presentation to our center and was diagnosed and treated for conjunctivitis. On slit lamp(More)
UNLABELLED Iridociliary cysts are often found in patients as an incidental finding during a routine ophthalmic evaluation and if asymptomatic do not require any treatment per se. However, these are often mistaken as iris melanoma and the patient is managed accordingly causing a great deal of inconvenience to the patient as well as the doctor. CASE(More)
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