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Recommending phrases from web pages for advertisers to bid on against search engine queries is an important research problem with direct commercial impact. Most approaches have found it infeasible to determine the relevance of all possible queries to a given ad landing page and have focussed on making recommendations from a small set of phrases extracted(More)
We consider the problem of estimating rates of rare events for high dimensional, multivariate categorical data where several dimensions are hierarchical. Such problems are routine in several data mining applications including computational advertising, our main focus in this paper. We propose LMMH, a novel log-linear modeling method that scales to massive(More)
This paper proposes a new approach for classifying multivariate time-series with applications to the problem of writer independent online handwritten character recognition. Each time-series is approximated by a sum of piecewise polynomials in a suitably defined Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space (RKHS). Using the associated kernel function a large margin(More)
We present a GPU-based implementation of the saliency model proposed by Achanta et al. [1] to perform real-time and detailed saliency map generation. We map all the components of the algorithm to GPU-based kernels and data structures. The parallel version of the algorithm is able to accurately simulate the desired results in a very low time. We describe the(More)
This paper proposes an efficient expression invariant algorithm for 3D face recognition of subjects. The proposed algorithm uses a surface-based approach to extract automatically and to define geometrically the facial features like eyebrows, nose and lips. These extracted features are used to obtain some unique control points that can be used for matching.(More)
Visual attention is an indispensable component of complex vision tasks. When looking at a complex scene, our ocular perception is confronted with a large amount of data that needs to be broken down for processing by our psychovisual system. Selective visual attention provides a mechanism for serializing the visual data, allowing for sequential processing of(More)
The pen-based devices are not so common in India and one reason for that is the absence of localized applications. Developing an online handwriting recognition system for Gurmukhi scripts for such devices would play an important role in making these devices available and usable for the Indian society. Preprocessing will play an important role in increasing(More)