Rahnuma M Hassan

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Overweight and obese children continue to be a growing problem, and differences exist, especially among racial and ethnic groups. Even though a poor diet and lack of physical activity are attributable factors to being overweight among children, indications exists that geographic location may also be important. In rural areas in the United States, childhood(More)
Despite efforts to eliminate health disparities, racial, ethnic, and geographic groups continue lag behind their counterparts in health outcomes in the United States. The purpose of this study is to determine variation in specialty care utilization by chronic disease status. Data were extracted from the Commonwealth Fund 2006 Health Care Quality Survey (n =(More)
The Soldier Health Promotion to Examine and Reduce Health Disparities (SHPERHD) Project was designed to be a partnership between the Institute for Partnerships to Eliminate Health Disparities at the University of South Carolina and the Fort Jackson United States Army Base located in Columbia, South Carolina. SHPERHD Project researchers are studying problems(More)
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