Rahmi Elibol

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Basal ganglia circuits are known to have role in a wide range of behaviour spanning from movement initiation to high order cognitive processes as reward related learning. Here, the intention is to have a biophysically realistic model of basal ganglia circuit for voluntary motor action selection. The ultimate aim is to provide a framework for models which(More)
The role of basal ganglia in motor action initiation and selection has been well studied and now it is evident that impairment in this structure causes not only causes movement disorders as Parkinson's disease, Hunting-ton's disease but also behavioral dysfunctions as addiction , obsessive-compulsive disorder [1-4]. In order to understand the mechanisms(More)
The role of basal ganglia in motor control is well-known [1,2], but it also takes part in high order cognitive processes, such as reward-related learning, goal-directed behavior or selective attention [3-5]. The complicated and creative information processing ability of basal ganglia makes it home for decisions amongst available competitive choices.(More)
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