Rahmat Shoureshi

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Mining accidents have occurred since the early days of mining. Therewere a total of 525 mining disasters (incidents with five or more fatalities) in both coal and metal/nonmetal mines from 1900 through 2007 in the United States, resulting in 12,823 fatalities. Most of these disasters involve mine rescue teams, which are specially trained to perform search(More)
Engineering has traditionally focused on the external extensions of organisms, such as transportation systems, high-rise buildings, and entertainment systems. In contrast, bioengineering is concerned with inward processes of biologic organisms. Utilization of engineering principles and techniques in the analysis and solution of problems in medicine and(More)
This paper presents two approaches for utilization of neural networks in identification of dynamical systems. In the first approach, a Hopfield network is used to implement a least-squares estimation for time-varying and time-invariant systems. The second approach, which is in the frequency domain, utilizes a set of orthogonal basis functions and Fourier(More)
903 REFERENCES [1] F. Chaumette, " Visual servoing using image features defined upon geometrical primitives, " in Proc. Weighted selection of image features for resolved motion rate visual feedback control, " IEEE Trans. On the observability of robot motion under active camera control, " in Proc. control of robots with visual feedback, " IEEE J. Direct(More)
This is a project report from the Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC). PSERC is a multi-university Center conducting research on challenges facing a restructuring electric power industry and educating the next generation of power engineers. More information about PSERC can be found at the Center's website: Notice Concerning Copyright Material(More)
An essential step toward the development of an intelligent substation is to provide self-diagnosing capability at the equipment level. Transformers, circuit breakers and other substation equipment should be enabled to detect their potential failures and make life expectancy prediction without human interference. This paper focuses on the development of an(More)
A new sensor technology based on Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMAT) for nondestructive testing is developed and used for real-time fault recognition of energized overhead transmission lines. The fault detection is achieved by analysis of the reflected signatures from broken strands on the transmission line. Reflected waves received by the EMAT are(More)