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UNLABELLED With decreasing incidence of pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) in AIDS as a result of prophylactic regimens, there is a higher incidence of tuberculosis (TB), mycobacterium avii complex (MAC), kaposi sarcoma and malignant lymphoma. There is a need for differentiating these various pathological entities. The purpose of this study was for a(More)
Five patients with AIDS with Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) showed diffuse bilateral lung uptake on sequential thallium and gallium scans. This creates a problem in the sequential use of these tests for the differentiation of Kaposi's sarcoma from acute inflammatory or other malignant diseases. In Kaposi's sarcoma, thallium uptake is usually focal and(More)
Diffuse Tl-201 uptake in the lungs could be because of cardiac, neoplastic, inflammatory, or interstitial lung disease. Examples from the different categories, differential diagnosis, and different patterns are presented. The authors discuss the different mechanisms of increased Tl-201 uptake in the lungs which vary according to the underlying pathology.
The impact of water- and of mild acid impregnation with hydrochloric acid (HCl) on the viscoelastic and breaking properties of woody hemp core (chenevotte) was studied from the polymer to the macroscale level. We have shown that transition temperature (T g) values of lignin and hemicelluloses were not affected by the acid treatment, whereas the relaxation(More)
Diffuse intense lung uptake of TI-201 chloride without abnormal Ga-67 citrate in a case of cytomegalovirus pneumonitis in a patient with AIDS is presented. An autopsy performed within 4 days of imaging revealed no pulmonary pathology other than diffuse cytomegalovirus infection with abundant histiocytes and inclusion bodies and pulmonary congestive heart(More)
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