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jGMA is an extendable Java-based wide-area messaging framework designed to be a reference implementation of the GGF’s Grid Monitoring Architecture. In this paper we describe jGMA’s architecture and then compare its end-to-end performance against that of the NaradaBrokering framework, which is being developed by the Community Grids Lab at Indiana University.(More)
Educational institutions, enterprises and industry are increasingly adopting portal frameworks, as gateways and the means to interact with their customers. The dynamic components that make up a portal, known as portlets, either use proprietary interfaces to interact with container that controls them, or more commonly today, the standardised JSR-168(More)
The NeuroHub project aims to develop a research information system for neuroscientists at three different partner institutions: Oxford, Reading and Southampton. Each research group has different working practices, research methodologies and user requirements, which have lead to the development of a system that supports a wide variety of tasks in the(More)
Tycho was conceived in 2003 in response to a need by the GridRM [1] resource-monitoring project for a “light-weight”, scalable and easy to use wide-area distributed registry and messaging system. Since Tycho’s first release in 2006 a number of modifications have been made to the system to make it easier to use and more flexible.(More)
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