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It has been previously suggested that microRNAs (miRNAs) have a tendency to regulate the important components of biological networks. The goal of the present study was to systematically test if one can establish a relationship between miRNA targets and the important components of biological networks (including human protein-protein interaction network,(More)
Firefly luciferase is a protein with a large N-terminal and a small C-terminal domain. B-factor analysis shows that its C-terminal is much more flexible than its N-terminal. Studies on hyperthermophile proteins have been shown that the increased thermal stability of hyperthermophile proteins is due to their enhanced conformational rigidity and the(More)
BACKGROUND Fenobam is a non-competitive mGluR5 antagonist as an anxiolytic agent. OBJECTIVE In this research a new series of fenobam analogues containing thiazole moiety instead of imidazole ring were designed and synthesized. METHODS The ureido-substituted products were synthesized from reaction of amino thiazole derivatives and isocyanate derivatives(More)
The approaches taken to represent and describe structural features of the macromolecules are of major importance when developing computational methods for studying and predicting their structures and interactions. This study attempts to explore the significance of Delaunay tessellation for the definition of atomic interactions by evaluating its impact on(More)
BACKGROUND Selenocyanate derivatives have been recently presented as potent anti-leishmanial agents. OBJECTIVE In this research, thirty five selenocyanate and diselenide compounds were subjected to docking studies and compared to Edelfosine and Miltefosine as reference drugs and then molecular dynamics (MD) simulation analysis. METHODS Desired(More)
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