Rahim Ghadari

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The interactions of the nucleobases, nucleotides, and their triphosphate derivatives in both neutral and anionic forms with the nitrogen doped graphenes (NG) were studied using docking and molecular dynamic simulation methods. In docking studies, based on binding energy results, the anionic species and nucleobases were showing the most and the least(More)
The usability of amino acid-functionalised nitrogen-doped graphene oxide (GO) structures (AA-NGO) in drug delivery (DD) systems was studied using the computational approaches. Docking, molecular dynamic (MD) and molecular mechanics generalised born surface area studies were carried out. The calculations were done at 37 and 42 °C to study the usability of(More)
The binding properties of twenty amino acids with nitrogen-doped graphene structures were studied using docking, MD simulation, and QM/MM methods. TDDFT studies were carried out to investigate the change in the electronic properties of the amino acids because of the presence of the solvent and nitrogen-doped graphene. The results revealed that π-π(More)
Curcumin is an important antioxidant compound, and is widely reported as an effective component for reducing complications of many diseases. However, the detailed mechanisms of its activity remain poorly understood. We found that curcumin can significantly increase catalase activity of BLC (bovine liver catalase). The mechanism of curcumin action was(More)
Non-enzymatic glycation of proteins is a post-translational modification that is produced by a covalent binding between reducing sugars and amino groups of lysine and arginine residues. In this paper the effect of pathological conditions, derived from hyperglycemia on bovine liver catalase (BLC) as a model protein was considered by measuring enzyme(More)
Taxol is one of the most important anti-cancer drugs. The interaction between different variants of Taxol, by altering one of its chiral centers at a time, with β-tubulin protein has been investigated. To achieve such goal, docking and molecular dynamics (MD) simulation studies have been performed. In docking studies, the preferred conformers have been(More)
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