Rahil A Bandukwala

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The relationship between insulin action and control of the adipocyte-derived factor adiponectin was studied in age- and weight-matched obese individuals with type 2 diabetes failing sulfonylurea therapy. After initial metabolic characterization, subjects were randomized to troglitazone or metformin treatment groups; all subjects received glyburide (10 mg(More)
An association between glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK3) in skeletal muscle and insulin resistance has been demonstrated in type 2 diabetic patients. In addition, inhibition of GSK3 improves insulin action. The aim of the present study was to elucidate the role of the alpha-isoform of GSK3 in insulin resistance in human skeletal muscle cells from(More)
Entry into and progression through the cell cycle is associated with a tightly regulated program of gene expression in mature T cells. One such gene product, proliferating cell nuclear Ag (PCNA), is the auxiliary protein of DNA polymerase delta, and is induced during late G1 and early S phase after stimulation of resting (G0) cells. Blockade of PCNA(More)
AIMS Cognitive decline disproportionately affects older adult type 2 diabetes. We tested whether randomized intensive (INT) glucose-lowering reduces the rate(s) of cognitive decline in adults with advanced type 2 diabetes (mean: age, 60 years; diabetes duration, 11 years) from the Veterans Affairs Diabetes Trial. METHODS A battery of neuropsychological(More)
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