Raheleh Jafari

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Recently, artificial neural networks (ANNs) have been extensively studied and used in different areas such as pattern recognition, associative memory, combinatorial optimization, etc. In this paper, we investigate the ability of fuzzy neural networks to approximate solution of a dual fuzzy polynomial of the form a1x+ ...+anx n = b1x+ ...+ bnx n+d, where aj(More)
Many uncertain nonlinear systems can be modeled by the linear-in-parameter model, and the parameters are uncertain in the sense of fuzzy numbers. Fuzzy equations can be used to model these nonlinear systems. The solutions of the fuzzy equations are the controllers. In this paper, we give the controllability condition for the fuzzy control via dual fuzzy(More)
Many uncertain nonlinear systems can be modeled by linear-in-parameter models. The uncertainties can be regarded as parameter changes, which can be described as fuzzy numbers. These models are fuzzy equations. They are alternative models for uncertain nonlinear systems. The modeling of the uncertain nonlinear systems is to find the coefficients of the fuzzy(More)
Assigning operations to feasible and suitable machine-tool combination is one of the significant problems in a flexible manufacturing system (FMS). This assignment affects on the total production costs and thus selecting the best combination is very significant for the system. This paper considers a multi-objective problem that minimizes the machining cost,(More)
Partial differential equations (PDEs) emerges in modeling innumerable phenomena that applies in science and technology. In this current work, a methodology involving novel iterative technique considering feed-forward neural networks (FNNs) is suggested to extract approximate solution for the second-order nonlinear PDEs with real constant coefficients (RCCs)(More)
One of the most important problems in production planning of flexible manufacturing system (FMS) is machine tool selection and operation allocation problem that directly influences the production costs and times .In this paper minimizing machining cost, set-up cost and material handling cost as a multi-objective problem in flexible manufacturing systems(More)