Raheela Asif

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Universities gather large volumes of data with reference to their students in electronic form. The advances in the data mining field make it possible to mine these educational data and find information that allow for innovative ways of supporting both teachers and students. This paper presents a case study on predicting performance of students at the end of(More)
This paper, investigates how academic performance of students evolves over the years in their studies during a study programme. To determine typical progression patterns over the years, students are described by a 4 tuple (e.g. x1, x2, x3, x4), these being the clusters' mean to which a student belongs to in each year of the degree. For this purpose, two(More)
This paper investigates how performance of students progresses during their studies. Progression of a student is defined as a tuple that shows how a year average stays the same, increases or decreases compared to first year. Taking the data of two consecutive cohorts and using k-means clustering, five meaningful types of progressions are put in evidence and(More)
Margin-based model estimation methods are applied for speech recognition to enhance the generalization capability of acoustic model by increasing the margin. An important aspects of margin based acoustic model for parameter estimation is that, the acoustic models are derived from soft margin concept and hinge loss function used in SVM as loss function to(More)
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