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Theoretical and technological progress has revived the interest in the design of services for the support of co-located human-human communication and collaboration, witnessing the start of several large-scale projects over the last few years. Most of these projects focus on meetings and/or lecture situations. However, user-centred design and evaluation(More)
An important aspect of redesign for usability is to evaluate the system with its real users in order to explore implications for better design. In this paper we discuss the redesign of a support management system deployed in a small and medium sized enterprise (SME) in the UK. The system is used to support complex and distributed cooperative activities(More)
While we have seen a successful move towards a rapid proliferation of CSCW integration through Web technology including artificial intelligence techniques, still a significant work needs to be done in order to provide quality of service (QoS), particularly addressing the issues of QoS in terms of user requirements. In this paper, we present an approach(More)
Coalitions, which allow traders to form teams, can sometimes accomplish tasks more efficiently than individuals. The core has become a popular solution concept in economic applications for researchers in Computer Science, because it provides a way to find stable sets. However, its problems hinder researchers from applying it to a real world market. This(More)