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— Coalitions, which allow traders to form teams, can sometimes accomplish tasks more efficiently than individuals. The core has become a popular solution concept in economic applications for researchers in Computer Science, because it provides a way to find stable sets. However, its problems hinder researchers from applying it to a real world market. This(More)
Theoretical and technological progress has revived the interest in the design of services for the support of co-located human-human communication and collaboration, witnessing the start of several large-scale projects over the last few years. Most of these projects focus on meetings and/or lecture situations. However, user-centred design and evaluation(More)
—In order to enhance students' problem-solving competences it is necessary to develop their technical skill as well as their soft skills such as business, communication and team working. In this paper, we introduce an Activity-Led Learning (ALL) approach and analyze its impact on students' engagement (time-on-task), satisfaction and group performance. We(More)