Rahamatou Cisse

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We report a series of 104 thyroidectomies collected in Surgery and ENT departments of the University Hospital Center (UHC) of Ouagadougou. This study was composed of 85 women (81.73%) and 19 men (18.27%) 8 to 73 years old. 49 unilateral resection and 85 bilateral one were realized. Histopathologic examination has been done for 54 specimen only: 49 benign(More)
The bladder's cancer is frequent in West Africa. Urinary schistosomiasis endemicity helps to explain this high incidence. It is a pathology of late diagnosis, little or badly explored by imaging. Through a retrospective survey of 71 patients' files aged in average of 51.7 years, all having a bladder's tumour which is clinically shown by an haematuria, the(More)
We investigated the carriage of serogroup W135 meningococci and its relationship with protective immunity in Niamey. Between February and May 2003, three oropharyngeal swabs and two serum samples were each taken from 287 school children. Serogroup W135 isolates were obtained from 8.9% of children. Specific IgG > or = 2 microg/ml using ELISA or serum(More)
The interest of tumors of salivary gland has increased according to the nosology, diagnosis and therapeutic aspects. This study object to appreciate the frequency of this pathology at the ENT Department of the University Hospital Center of Ouagadougou and to report our experience in their diagnostic and therapeutic management. We have collected 48 cases,(More)
We report a case of active tuberculosis in a patient with Hodgkin's disease. The two diagnoses were established simultaneously at the Respiratory Disease Unit of the Yalgado National Hospital, Burkina Faso. The clinical presentation was misleading as the signs and symptoms of the two disease are similar. Certain diagnosis was established after isolation of(More)
The purpose of this transverse prospective study was to assess risk factors associated with osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee observed in a rheumatology outpatient clinic in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. All patients presenting osteoarthritis of the knee diagnosed according to the clinical and radiological criteria of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR)(More)
We carried out a prospective study at Ouagadougou, from March 1 1997 to April 30 1998, in which we plotted curves of fetal weight gain, estimated by ultrasound biometry, with the aim of comparing our results to those of other authors and establishing a local chart. We established a growth curve from 936 fetal weights estimated during the follow up of 126(More)
Over a 10-year period, a series 96 patients were treated for laryngotracheal and bronchial foreign bodies in the ENT department of the Ouagadougou University Hospital Center (Burkina Faso). The purpose of this study was to analyze the epidemioclinical features and therapeutic pitfalls encountered in that series and to propose measures to improve management.(More)
The authors report one case of a bilateral atraumatic circumscribed myositis ossificans (C.M.O.) developed from the triceps muscles with major equinism, in a 15 years old girl. One side presented a current tumor, the other was seen at the first episode. The authors obtained a good functional result after surgical treatment and advocate this treatment.
We report a fortuitous discovery of primary pulmonary myxoid liposarcoma in an HIV-positive patient. Primary pulmonary localizations are uncommon. Generally, pulmonary localizations are metastatic. There is a male predominance and diagnosis is generally made around 40 years of age. The two main features of liposarcoma are the large tumor size and the(More)