Ragu C. Nathan

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Background: Stereotactic needle biopsy technique has received considerable attention as a possible alternative to surgical biopsy of nonpalpable breast lesions. The exact role of this procedure in the management of mammographic breast lesions has not yet been accurately defined. Methods: Data have been collected prospectively on 416 patients over an 8-month(More)
A multicomponent noninvasive monitoring system for high-risk critically ill patients was developed and tested in a series of 58 high-risk surgical patients. The system was comprised of a thoracic electric bioimpedance (TEB) method for cardiac output estimation, laser-Doppler velocimeter for small vessel flow, transcutaneous oxygen (PtcO2) sensor for tissue(More)
Fibrin glue (FG), made with highly concentrated human fibrinogen and clotting factors, was used to achieve parenchymal organ hemostasis in patients with disordered coagulation secondary to massive transfusion, chronic disease, and disseminated intravascular coagulation; it was effective in controlling liver hemorrhage in seven patients and in the(More)
Nonautologous, highly concentrated human fibrinogen and clotting factors were used in the form of fibrin glue to treat three patients with varied surgical problems that were resistant to conventional treatment. Fibrin glue was used to occlude longstanding enterocutaneous fistulae, control liver hemorrhage in an alcoholic patient with coagulopathy, and(More)
Fibrin glue (FG) made with highly concentrated human fibrinogen and clotting factors was used to achieve hemostasis of fourteen renal injuries and to seal three ureteral anastomoses in 15 patients. The cause of injury included twelve gunshot wounds, four stab wounds, and one iatrogenic ureteral injury. The mean intraoperative blood loss was 1.6 +/- 1.1 L(More)
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