Ragnhild Skaar

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BACKGROUND Ethical challenges arise in all types of care, and leaders need to be aware of how to resolve these challenges. Healthcare systems tend to be organised around medical conditions, and the patient is often faced with a series of uncoordinated visits to multiple specialties. Ideally, care should be organised around the patient's needs. AIM The(More)
BACKGROUND Situations where patients resist necessary help can be professionally and ethically challenging for health professionals, and the risk of paternalism, abuse and coercion are present. RESEARCH QUESTION The purpose of this study was to examine ethical challenges in situations where the patient resists healthcare. RESEARCH DESIGN The method used(More)
Forty-six patients were studied 12 years after partial gastrectomy for peptic ulcer. They had all been subjected to a standard Billroth II type operation as described by Krønlein, with emphasis laid upon the transverse position of the gastrojejunostomy. The clinical examination was supplemented by an outpatient gastroscopy with photography, biopsy and brush(More)
BACKGROUND It has been found that including volunteers in palliative care is a positive contribution to seriously ill patients. It is, however, recommended that the volunteers are trained and supported. The aim of this study was to describe a group of trained and supported volunteers' lived experiences as volunteers in palliative care within the community(More)
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