Ragnhild G. M. De Slegte

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A case of neurocutaneous melanosis developing a leptomeningeal melanoma is described in a ten year old girl in whom an intraspinal lipoma had been resected seven years earlier. Standard and CT myelographic findings are described and the complementary role of Gadolinium-enhanced MRI is discussed. The literature is reviewed and the association of a lipoma and(More)
The authors report on five cases of septic sinus thrombosis occurring as early complications and/or long-term complications of infections in the head and neck region. The necessity for early diagnosis of this condition by high-resolution CT scanning is emphasized, as it provides a reliable diagnostic tool to evaluate this serious intracranial disease at a(More)
Omnipaque (Iohexol) is the 2nd non-ionic contrast medium developed and marketed by Nycomed AS, Oslo. Experimental studies have shown that the toxicological and pharmacological properties of Omnipaque are closely related to those of Amipaque (Metrizamide) (Lindgren 1985; Bryan et al. 1985). However, when administered intrathecally, Omnipaque has less(More)
A 19-year-old male was referred because of a grease-gun injury of the left orbit, resulting in a 25 mm proptosis and marked decrease in vision. The clinical diagnosis of penetration of the retrobulbar fat space by the grease and the subsequent accurate drainage of the grease was made possible on the basis of high resolution computed tomography (CT) and(More)
Thirty-seven patients were examined by post-operative high resolution real-time ultrasound over a period of 2 years. Useful data were obtained in all cases but the quality of information obtained was directly related to the size of the cranial window. In each patient, the first sonogram was performed during the 10th to 12th postoperative day to assess(More)
For the demonstration of brain metastases both CT and MRI are available as diagnostic modalities. To compare both imaging methods as to their sensitivity in detecting brain metastases CT scans and MR images of 60 patients with suspected brain metastases were evaluated. Comparing contrast-enhanced CT and plain MRI neither modality was found to be clearly(More)
Neoplastic disease of the nose and paranasal sinuses, the nasopharynx and the parapharyngeal space requires thorough assessment of location and extension in order to plan appropriate treatment. This study evaluates computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in the workup of malignant and non-malignant tumors of the nose and paranasal sinuses, the(More)
This report concerns a clinical trial with Gd-DTPA as an intravenous contrast medium for MRI in patients with neurological disorders. 50 patients (30 female, 20 male) were examined without and with Gd-DTPA and the results of CT scanning and MR scanning without and with Gd-DTPA were compared. All patients tolerated the contrast medium very well. In the(More)
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