Ragnheidur Bjornsdottir

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A pollock protein hydrolysate was used for enrichment of the live feed offered to halibut larvae from the onset of exogenous feeding and the effects of treatment on selected innate immune parameters studied. The effects of treatment on the bacterial community structure of larvae were furthermore studied using the PCR-DGGE method. C3 and lysozyme were(More)
AIMS To study the effect of ova disinfection, antibiotic and microbial treatments on the dominant cultivable cod rearing microbiota at pre- and posthatch stages, determining some virulence-related phenotypic traits among bacterial isolates and their relation to larval survival. METHODS AND RESULTS Sampling of rearing systems (rearing water, ova, larvae,(More)
The aquaculture sector has been increasing its share in the total fish production in the world. Numerous studies have been published about aquaculture, introducing a variety of techniques and methods that have been applied or could be applied in aquaculture production systems. The purpose of this study is to present a systemic overview of the functions of(More)
Social class meaningfully impacts individuals' life outcomes and daily interactions, and the mere perception of one's socioeconomic standing can have significant ramifications. To better understand how people infer others' social class, we therefore tested the legibility of class (operationalized as monetary income) from facial images, finding across 4(More)
Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida is a facultatively intracellular gram-negative bacterium that is the etiological agent of furunculosis, a bacterial septicemia of salmonids that causes significant economic loss to the salmon farming industry. The mechanisms by which A. salmonicida evades intracellular killing may be relevant in understanding(More)
AIMS To assess the effects of bacterial treatment at the earliest stages of cod rearing on the microbial load, larval development and performance, testing three bacterial strains (Carnobacterium divergens V41, Arthrobacter sp. and Enterococcus sp.) in vivo that were previously shown to have inhibitory potential towards fish pathogens in vitro. METHODS AND(More)
Theories linking the literatures on stereotyping and human resource management have proposed that individuals may enjoy greater success obtaining jobs congruent with stereotypes about their social categories or traits. Here, we explored such effects for a detectable, but not obvious, social group distinction: male sexual orientation. Bridging previous work(More)
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