Ragnar Schierholz

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In the design of desktop applications, developers successfully deploy structured software life cycle models to simplify the development process. Applying these models in m-business often does not result in usable software. M-business applications differ from desktop applications mainly in their limited user interface as well as the new mobile and dynamic(More)
Purpose – Processes in customer relationship management (CRM) are classified as knowledge-intensive processes. This paper seeks to provide a framework for knowledge management (KM) support of CRM processes and to show how this framework was applied in three action research cases. Design/methodology/approach – In a long-term cooperation with several leading(More)
Purpose – The bursting of the e-bubble affected expectations with regard to mobile initiatives and willingness to invest in them very negatively. Business managers request detailed and thorough analyses prior to engaging in mobile initiatives. The paper aims to present a method, with which mobile business can be introduced to the customer relationship(More)
The airline industry has undergone dramatic changes. Fierce competition between full service and no-frills carriers is intensifying across the world. Full service carriers had to adjust to no-frills carriers' low priced minimal service. At the same time, they still offer their traditional higher priced premium service. To make the grade on this price(More)
Today most companies are closely knit together with and thus dependent on suppliers, allies, customers, and public authorities. Member companies in such an extended enterprise or " business network " are either forced or volunteer to meet certain security objectives as a whole. As a consequence, the business network needs to agree on a common strategy,(More)
The financial services industry has experienced major changes in recent years, including globalization, deregulation, disintermediation, technological advancements, and new competitive structures. In the light of these changes, banks try to simultaneously achieve higher operational efficiency and higher flexibility. Both goals have been achieved in other(More)