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BACKGROUND Moulds are present in a variety of environments and aerosols of fungal spores are generated when mouldy materials are handled. Molds contain (1-->3)-beta-D-glucan, a polyglucose which is present in the cell wall of fungi, certain bacteria and plants. AIM This study was undertaken to investigate the cellular inflammatory response in the lung(More)
Salivary free cortisol concentration, rated stress and annoyance were determined in 32 subjects before, during and after carrying out a battery of performance tasks for 2 hours during exposure to ventilation noise, with dominant low frequencies (low frequency noise) or a flat frequency spectrum (reference noise). Both noises had a level of 40 dBA. All(More)
The effects of night-time exposure to traffic noise (TN) or low frequency noise (LFN) on the cortisol awakening response and subjective sleep quality were determined. Twelve male subjects slept for five consecutive nights in a noise-sleep laboratory. After one night of acclimatisation and one reference night, subjects were exposed to either TN (35dB L(Aeq),(More)
The relation between irregular and inconvenient working hours and the outcome of pregnancy was studied among women employed at a hospital in Sweden some time between 1980 and 1984. A questionnaire was distributed to 807 women; 81% replied. The pregnancies were divided into six groups with respect to work schedules during pregnancy. A slightly, but not(More)
AIMS To assess the risk for work related symptoms among sewage workers in Sweden using a postal questionnaire. METHODS All municipalities in Sweden were contacted and asked to provide addresses of sewage workers and controls. Controls were recruited among other municipal workers not exposed to sewage, such as workers in drinking water plants and(More)
Working in sewage plants can involve exposure to different types of microorganisms, viruses and chemicals. The purpose of this study was to evaluate different measurement strategies to determine airborne bacterial endotoxin in such plants. Sewage treatment plants in three municipalities in western Sweden were included. Measurements of airborne endotoxin(More)
Airway irritation effects after single and repeated inhalation exposures to aerosols of beta-glucan (grifolan) were investigated in mice. In addition, the effects on serum total immunoglobulin E (IgE) production and histopathological inflammation in the respiratory tract were studied. The beta-glucan aerosols provoked slight sensory irritation in the(More)
Bacterial endotoxin has been suggested as responsible for the development of subjective symptoms and transient or chronic lung function impairment seen after exposure to organic dusts in cotton mills, poultry houses, swine confinement buildings and saw mills. Animal experiments have demonstrated bronchoalveolar neutrophilia being the most prominent cell(More)
To evaluate the relation between annoyance to environmental noise, general neurophysiological sensitivity, subjective noise sensitivity and other individual characteristics, experiments were undertaken in which 93 subjects assessed their subjective annoyance after exposure to noise under laboratory conditions. Evaluations were made of the discomfort(More)
BACKGROUND Several previous epidemiological studies have shown a relation between drinking water quality and death in cardiovascular disease whereas others have not found such a relationship. An intervention study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of water with added magnesium and natural mineral water on blood pressure. METHODS A group of 70 subjects(More)