Ragnar Ryhage

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The metabolism of dimethylarsinic acid (DMA) a common pesticide and the main metabolite of inorganic arsenic in mammals, has been studied in mice, hamsters and man. Mice and hamsters were administered a single dose of 74As-DMA (40 mg As/kg body weight) orally, while a human subject ingested DMA corresponding to 0.1 mg As/kg body weight. Ion exchange(More)
The excretion of fecal neutral steroids was studied in six normocholesterolemic subjects and one hypercholesterolemic subject fed a standardized diet supplemented with butter fat or corn oil. The neutral steroids in the diets and in feces were identified by gas-liquid chromatography combined with mass spectrometric analyses of the chromatographic effluents.(More)
The mono- and disubstituted cholanoic acids present in human feces have been investigated. Extracts of feces were fractionated on silicic acid column and individual bile acids were isolated by preparative thin-layer chromatography. The isolated compounds were studied by gas-liquid chromatography of the methyl esters, partial trimethylsilyl ethers, oxidation(More)
The individual variations in human metabolism of methaqualone were studied after oral administration of therapeutic doses. The effect of antabuse on the drug metabolism as well as metabolites in some autopsy cases were also studied. The metabolites were identified using the GC-MS computer technique, and the relative amounts of the indicated metabolites were(More)