Ragnar C. Rylander

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The outcome of pregnancy was studied among personnel employed in laboratory work at the University of Gothenburg between 1968 and 1979. A questionnaire was distributed to 782 women; the response rate was 95%. When the 1160 pregnancies were divided into those with and without exposure to organic solvents during laboratory work, a slightly increased, but not(More)
We investigated the importance of magnesium and calcium in drinking water in relation to morbidity and mortality from acute myocardial infarction. Cases were men and women 50-74 years of age living in 18 Swedish municipalities who had suffered an acute myocardial infarction some time between October 1, 1994, and June 30, 1996. Controls were randomly(More)
Genetic polymorphism of CYP2E1 was investigated among 195 Swedish patients with lung cancer and 206 controls. Three different polymorphic sites were found, all in introns, using RFLP and the restriction enzymes DraI, RsaI and TaqI. The frequencies of the rare alleles were 0.08-0.18 and much lower than previously described among Japanese. No significant(More)
Airborne dust in swine and poultry confinements was analyzed to determine concentrations of total and gram-negative bacteria, total fungi, Aspergillus fumigatus and endotoxin. Airborne concentrations of total and gram-negative bacteria in swine and confinement units have been found to be as high as, or higher, than those found in other environments, such as(More)
The relation between the health of workers and the environment in swine confinement buildings was investigated in a study of 57 workers on 30 swine farms in southern Sweden and 55 matched controls. Swine workers reported significantly higher frequencies of respiratory symptoms, more frequent colds and absence due to chest illness, and a history of(More)
To evaluate the relation between annoyance to environmental noise, general neurophysiological sensitivity, subjective noise sensitivity and other individual characteristics, experiments were undertaken in which 93 subjects assessed their subjective annoyance after exposure to noise under laboratory conditions. Evaluations were made of the discomfort(More)
  • R Rylander
  • American journal of industrial medicine
  • 1987
Gram-negative bacteria and their endotoxins are present on all parts of the cotton plant and occur in large numbers after rain or frost. Endotoxins activate pulmonary macrophages that in turn recruit neutrophils into the airways. Platelets accumulate in pulmonary capillaries. The presence of these cells allows for the initiation of acute and chronic(More)
In an animal model of hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP) guinea-pigs were exposed for 5 weeks to an aerosol of bacterial endotoxin, beta(1,3)-D-glucan (curdlan) or a combination. Exposure to endotoxin or curdlan showed only small changes in inflammatory cells in airways or the lung wall, histologically or in terms of enzyme secretion from alveolar(More)