Raghvendra Prasad

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Topology is a fundamental part of a network that governs connectivity between nodes, the amount of data flow and the efficiency of data flow between nodes. In traditional networks, due to physical limitations, topology remains static for the course of the network operation. Ubiquitous data networks (UDNs), alternatively , are more adaptive and can be(More)
Modern living is more and more dependent on the intricate web of critical infrastructure systems. The failure or damage of such systems can cause huge disruptions. Traditional design of this web of critical infrastructure systems was based on the principles of functionality and reliability. However, it is increasingly being realized that such design(More)
In MANET there are many attacks, the black hole attack is one of the well-known security threats in mobile ad-hoc networks. The attacker node utilizes the illegal action to carry out their malicious behaviors because the route discovery process is necessary and inevitable. Many researchers have conducted different detection techniques to propose different(More)
Recently, porting real-time collaborative services on the In-ternet has been attracting much interest. Mixing packets from all clients in a conference can lead to diminished speech clarity. In this paper, we describe real-time voice conferencing service framework designed for a Virtual Conferencing Environment. We propose a system designed to accommodate a(More)
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