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—Algorithms for designing a mother wavelet () such that it matches a signal of interest and such that the family of wavelets 2 (2) (2) forms an orthonormal Riesz basis of 2 () are developed. The algorithms are based on a closed form solution for finding the scaling function spectrum from the wavelet spectrum. Many applications of signal representation,(More)
– Very large format video or wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) acquired by an airborne camera sensor array is characterized by persistent observation over a large field-of-view with high spatial resolution but low frame rates (i.e. one to ten frames per second). Current WAMI sensors have sufficient coverage and resolution to track vehicles for many hours(More)
In this paper we present a novel model for purely discrete-time self-similar processes and scale-invariant systems. The results developed are based on a new interpretation of the discrete-time scaling (equivalently dilation or contraction) operation which is defined through a mapping between discrete and continuous time. It is shown that it is possible to(More)
The need for persistent video covering large geospatial areas using embedded camera networks and stand-off sensors has increased over the past decade. The availability of inexpensive, compact, lightweight , energy-efficient, high resolution optical sensors and associated digital image processing hardware has led to a new class of airborne surveillance(More)
An approach is proposed to extend bilateral filtering to the vector case so as to simultaneously take spectral and spatial information into account by using spectral distances and multivariate Gaussian functions. To simplify the determination of the parameters of the corresponding covariance matrix, the data vectors are transformed to eigenspace through(More)