Raghuraj Singh

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 Introduction – Motivation: the need for Topology Control (TC) in ad hoc networks – An ad hoc network model – Topology control: a taxonomy  Stationary networks – The critical transmitting range for connectivity – Energy efficient communications: unicast/broadcast – TC protocols: " ideal " properties and state-of-the-art solutions  Mobile networks –(More)
Projecting how future climatic change might impact streamflow is an important challenge for hydrologic science. The common approach to solve this problem is by forcing a hydrologic model, calibrated on historical data or using a priori parameter estimates, with future scenarios of precipitation and temperature. However, several recent studies suggest that(More)
Load forecasting is an important component for energy management system. Precise load forecasting helps the electric utility to make unit commitment decisions including decisions on purchasing and generating electric power, load switching, and infrastructure development. Besides playing a key role in reducing the generation cost, it is also essential to the(More)
Bharath, N., and Nandy, S. A runtime mechanism for detection of artificial deadlocks in process networks. In Circuits and Systems, 2004. MWSCAS '04. The 2004 47th Midwest Symposium on (25-28 2004), vol. 2, pp. II-437 II-440 vol.2. B.Kienhauis, E., and E.F.Deprettere. Compaan : Driving processnetworks from matlab for embedded signal processing architecture.(More)
There are about 300 million people in India who speak Hindi and write Devnagari script. Research in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is popular for its application potential in banks, post offices, defense organizations and library automation etc. However most of the OCR systems are available for European texts. In this paper, we have proposed a(More)
Despite many assistive tools available for browsing the web, blind persons are not able to perform the tasks using internet that are done by persons without such disability. Even the futuristic social networking sites and other websites using the features of web 2.0 indicate a lesser accessible/responsible web. In this paper, we propose a framework, which(More)
Assessment of Object Oriented Software Design Quality has been an important issue among researchers in Software Engineering discipline. In this paper, we propose an approach for determining the design quality of Object Oriented Software System. The approach makes use of a set of UML diagrams created during the design phase of the development process. Design(More)
For estimating software, system size is the main parameter of the system development effort. It affects substantially on accurate estimation of effort of development. The Predictive Object Point (POPs) input gives an estimate of the size of the software for which the estimation is required. POPs are a metric suitable for estimating the size of object(More)
The objective of the present investigation was to optimize extraction conditions for maximum recovery of bioactive phenolics from different parts of Saraca asoca. Extraction recovery was optimized using a mixture of methanol and water in different proportions. For identification and quantification of six analytes, a rapid reversed phase ultra-performance(More)