Raghuraj Singh

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Despite many assistive tools available for browsing the web, blind persons are not able to perform the tasks using internet that are done by persons without such disability. Even the futuristic social networking sites and other websites using the features of web 2.0 indicate a lesser accessible/responsible web. In this paper, we propose a framework, which(More)
In this paper, we have tuned the parameters of COCOMO II model to estimate the software development effort using genetic algorithm (GA). Results obtained by applying GA are have been compared with results obtained by applying particle swarm optimization (PSO) published in previous paper. COCOMO II model is modified by introducing some more parameters to(More)
VoiceXML has emerged as standard for developing IVRS based telephony applications. It provides the requisite robustness and control over dialogue based delivery over telephone line. This paper presents a framework based on VoiceXML specifications for developing web based interactive voice applications. Communications are made using VOIP; therefore, user(More)
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