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There are about 300 million people in India who speak Hindi and write Devnagari script. Research in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is popular for its application potential in banks, post offices, defense organizations and library automation etc. However most of the OCR systems are available for European texts. In this paper, we have proposed a(More)
 Introduction – Motivation: the need for Topology Control (TC) in ad hoc networks – An ad hoc network model – Topology control: a taxonomy  Stationary networks – The critical transmitting range for connectivity – Energy efficient communications: unicast/broadcast – TC protocols: " ideal " properties and state-of-the-art solutions  Mobile networks –(More)
Despite many assistive tools available for browsing the web, blind persons are not able to perform the tasks using internet that are done by persons without such disability. Even the futuristic social networking sites and other websites using the features of web 2.0 indicate a lesser accessible/responsible web. In this paper, we propose a framework, which(More)
There are several speech-based Internet browsers for visually challenged currently available in the market. These are proved to be helpful in information and knowledge gathering to the target group. But a dialogue based browser with all the functionalities like browsing, form-filling, mailing, image and graphics description etc. is still far distant from(More)
In this paper, we have tuned the parameters of COCOMO II model to estimate the software development effort using genetic algorithm (GA). Results obtained by applying GA are have been compared with results obtained by applying particle swarm optimization (PSO) published in previous paper. COCOMO II model is modified by introducing some more parameters to(More)
Accurate load forecasting holds a great saving potential for electric utility corporations since it determines its main source of income, particularly in the case of distributors. Precise load forecasting helps the electric utility to make unit commitment decisions, reduce spinning reserve capacity and schedule device maintenance plan properly. It is(More)
An ad hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile nodes dynamically forming a temporary network without the use of any existing network infrastructure or centralized administration. A number of routing protocols such as Dynamic Source Routing (DSR), Ad Hoc on-Demand Distance Vector Routing (AODV) and Destination-Sequenced Distance-Vector (DSDV) have been(More)
Optical character recognition is a vital task in the field of pattern recognition. English character recognition has been extensively studied by many researchers but in case of Indian languages which are complicated; the research work is very limited. Devanagari is an indian script used by huge number of indian people. Devanagari forms the basis for several(More)