Raghudeep Kannavara

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In this work, we present a Local-Global (LG) graph methodology for iris based biometric authentication. Local-Global (LG) graph method adds local part information into a global graph. Local graphs of the pre-processed iris images are first calculated by feature extraction and combined to form a Global graph that is stored in a database for the purpose of(More)
We are approaching an environment where ubiquitous computing devices will constantly accept input via audio and video channels: kiosks that determine demographic information of passersby, gesture controlled home entertainment systems and audio controlled wearable devices are just a few examples. To enforce the principle of least privilege, recent proposals(More)
Static code analysis (SCA) is the analysis of computer programs that is performed without actually executing the programs, usually by using an automated tool. SCA has become an integral part of the software development life cycle and one of the first steps to detect and eliminate programming errors early in the software development stage. Although SCA tools(More)
The objective of this paper is to develop an NRF signature classifier scheme in order to efficiently and accurately detect and recognize NRF signatures of nuclear material inside a cargo container. In response to this problem we have developed a local-global (LG) graph as the NRF signal representation scheme for efficient matching and on which to build the(More)
—Although concolic testing is increasingly being explored as a viable software verification technique, its adoption in mainstream software development and testing in the industry is not yet extensive. In this paper, we discuss challenges to widespread adoption of concolic testing in an industrial setting and highlight further opportunities where concolic(More)
Libraries are a collection of implementations of behavior written in a computer programming language providing a well-defined interface by which the behavior can be invoked. Although a majority of the code in numerous applications comes from libraries, the risk of security vulnerabilities that comes with these libraries is often overlooked. In this regard,(More)