Raghu Venugopal

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Systematic mapping of the variability in cortical sulcal anatomy is an area of increasing interest which presents numerous methodological challenges. To address these issues, we have implemented sulcal extraction and assisted labeling (SEAL) to automatically extract the two-dimensional (2-D) surface ribbons that represent the median axis of cerebral sulci(More)
As human civilization faces new and challenging humanitarian crises, the entrance of EPs into the realm of HA is needed and timely. As noted by Jennifer Leaning [35], an EP at Harvard University, "Medical and public health personnel who respond to these crises enter a domain of perilous complexity. Road maps do not exist, but the possibility of good favors(More)
BACKGROUND Universal screening for intimate partner violence (IPV) in the emergency department (ED) has been advocated by many medical institutions. Policies implemented for IPV screening have met with numerous obstacles. One such obstacle is the perception by emergency personnel that patients might be offended by such screening if they presented to the ED(More)
OBJECTIVE The emergency department (ED) environment requires physicians to focus on workflow efficiency (WFE) and manage ED throughput. We sought to determine whether an interactive workshop could be designed and favourably perceived by emergency physicians and residents as a means to improve their self-assessed WFE skills. METHODS The authors designed a(More)
This article gives an overview of reconstructive microsurgery It is written for residents and fellows training in plastic and microsurgery and practitioners who are intimately involved in the clinical practice of complex reconstructions. The authors describe the highlights of the history of microsurgery and relevant clinical principles. The final portion of(More)
Despite the increasing use of telemedicine around the world, little has been done to incorporate quality assurance (QA) into these operations. The purpose of the present study was to examine the feasibility of QA in store-and-forward teleconsulting using a previously published framework. During a 2-year study period, we examined the feasibility of using QA(More)
The Palestinian emergency healthcare system faces numerous difficulties in its efforts to develop and improve patient care. The Emergency Medical Assistance Project, a four-year, emergency health capacity-building project, is described in this report. The factors contributing to the current lack of in-hospital emergency care and the measures performed to(More)
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