Raghu R Krishnamurthy

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Caspase-3 is a member of the cysteine protease family, which plays a crucial role in apoptotic pathways by cleaving a variety of key cellular proteins. Caspase-3 can be activated by diverse death-inducing signals, including the chemotherapeutic agents. The purpose of this study was to determine the levels of caspase-3 expression in breast tumor samples and(More)
Strongyloidiasis is epidemic in tropical and subtropical regions where the regional prevalence may exceed 25%. In the United States, highest infection rates are found in immigrants. Many infected individuals are asymptomatic, whereas others may have mild and nonspecific cutaneous, intestinal, and pulmonary symptoms. Strongyloides stercoralis may remain as a(More)
The present study was done to assess the sources and the major processes controlling the trace metal distribution in sediments of Buckingham Canal. Based on the observed geochemical variations, the sediments are grouped as South Buckingham Canal and North Buckingham Canal sediments (SBC and NBC, respectively). SBC sediments show enrichment in Fe, Ti, Mn,(More)
This paper presents first steps toward an adaptive lidar data processing technique crucial for lidarassisted control in wind turbines. The prediction time and the quality of the wind preview from lidar measurements depend on several factors and are not constant. If the data processing is not continually adjusted, the benefit of lidar-assisted control cannot(More)
Nacelle-based lidar systems are offering a good opportunity for new wind turbine control strategies, since inflowing wind information can be used in the controller. The benefits of lidar-assisted collective pitch feedforward control have been presented over the last years and was successfully demonstrated in several field testings, latest results see [1,(More)
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