Raghu Karinthi

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Interpreters replace the edit/compile/run cyle with edit/run. Dynamic computing environments, like spreadsheets, shorten this still more to just edit. So-called "Visiprog" environments, such as Maryland's XED, permit developing normal imperative programs in a dynamic computing environment, XED and similar environments, because they show the results of(More)
The basic premise of this effort is that health care can be made more effective and affordable by applying modern computer technology to improve collaboration among diverse and distributed health care providers. Information sharing, communication, and coordination are basic elements of any collaborative endeavor. In the health care domain, collaboration is(More)
( AD generated objects can be defined in terms of the comple te geomet ry of the par t . In au tomated process p l a n n i n g , the geometry is the same, but the mean ing associated w i t h th is geomet r i c s t ruc tu re is d i f ferent , and d ic tates a change in the descr ip t ion . Var ious so lu t ions have been proposed to solve th is i n c o m p a(More)
The notion of executable content is an extre m e l y p o w e rful idea with farreaching consequences. Its basic premise is that content need not be static, but can contain programs that will facilitate information sharing and dissemination in unheard o f ways. While the notion of executable content has been in existence for a while, the combination of the(More)
Patient centered healthcare delivery is an inherently collaborative process. This involves a wide range of individuals and organizations with diverse perspectives: primary care physicians, hospital administrators, labs, clinics, and insurance. The key to cost reduction and quality improvement in health care is effective management of this collaborative(More)