Raghbir Singh

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The results of a cross-sectional anthropometric survey of 1,643 well-nourished girls, from birth to 20 years, from the city of Delhi (India) are reported. The standardized measurements of body weight, height/crown-heel length, sitting height/crown-rump length, biacromial and bicristal diameters, head circumference, chest girth, upper arm girth, calf girth(More)
Mean values and standard deviations of total body volume, body density, height, weight, and a battery of 20 girth measurements of 200 Punjabi girls aged 10–19 years are presented. Selective stepwise multiple regression equations for predicting total body volume and body density from girth measurements are also given for different age groups. Hip girth was(More)
A pot culture experiment was conducted on a loamy sand soil to study the effect of FYM and Fe on dry matter yield and uptake of nutrients by oats (Avena sativa) crop in green-house. Application of Fe @ 5 and 20 ppm increased dry matter yield by 5.11 and 11.55 per cent, respectively. The per cent increase in dry matter yield over control with the application(More)
Der Gehalt an freien Aminosäuren von auf Rizinus-, Zizyphus- und Holzapfelblättern ernährten Larven und deren Puppen vonEuproctis fraterna wurde vergleichend untersucht. Zwischen den beiden Stadien werden massgebende Unterschiede festgestellt. Während die Gesamtmenge der Aminosäuren im Larven- und Puppenstadium der mit Rizinus ernährten Insekten ähnlich(More)
The effect of arhar mosaic virus strains (ASM & AMM) infection on the growth, nitrogen value, nodulation and nitrogen-fixing capacity of Vigna sinensis Savi (cowpea), Phaseolus aureus Roxb. (mung) and Phaseolus mungo L. (urd) has been studied. Both the strains lowered the growth and fresh weight of infected plants in comparison to healthy plants. The dry(More)
The effects of CaCO3 and Fe on the dry matter yield and uptake of P, Ca, Mg, Fe and Mn were studied in the green-house on oats (Avena sativa) grown on light-textured soil. Dry matter yield increased by 14, 25, and 30 per cent at 2, 4 and 8 per cent CaCO3 over control in absence of iron. Application of iron upto 20 ppm also increased dry matter yield(More)
The relative efficiency of seven extractants for estimating available Cu in sierozem soils of Haryana was studied. Bulk samples of 15 soils ranging in neutral normal amm. acetate extractable Cu from 0.12 to 0.20 ppm were subjected to screen-house study. The quantities of Cu extracted with neutral normal amm. acetate, Morgan’s reagent (pH 4.8)N ammonium(More)
Odontogenic tumours are lesions derived from the epithelial and/ or mesenchymal elements of the tooth forming apparatus and are therefore found exclusively within the jaw bones. Histologically, they may resemble soft tissues of the enamel organ or dental pulp, or they may contain hard tissue elements of enamel, dentine, and/ or cementum. Lesions in this(More)