Raghavendra Pralhada Rao

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Sphingolipids, a family of membrane lipids, are bioactive molecules that participate in diverse functions controlling fundamental cellular processes such as cell division, differentiation, and cell death. Given that most of these cellular processes form the basis for several pathologies, it is not surprising that sphingolipids are key players in several(More)
BACKGROUND Precision-cut liver slices present different cell types of liver in a physiological context, and they have been explored as effective in vitro model systems to study liver fibrosis. Inducing fibrosis in the liver slices using toxicants like carbon tetrachloride is of less relevance to human disease conditions. Our aim for this study was to(More)
Polyamines are highly charged low molecular weight aliphatic polycations and are ubiquitously present in all living cells. In addition to their previously reported role in cell proliferation and cancer, recent studies support their role in energy homeostasis and glucose metabolism. In the present study we have evaluated a polyamine-spermine for its effect(More)
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